Exhibitions / presentations:

2019 Le Petit Cercle Bruxellois, A.VE.NU.DE.JET.TE – INSTITUT DE CARTON, Brussels (group)
2019 Er is hoop (#Heerlen), commisioned by Kantoor Contour / Dear Hunter (solo / public space)
2018 ”, ”, ”, — Footnotes, WIELS | Contemporary Art Centre, Brussels (group)
2017 CARTE BLANCHE, Salon du Salon, Marseille (group)
2017 The Others Arfair, Greylight Projects, Torino (artfair)
2017 Pulse#17 / Arnhem (nl) (group)
2017 Cet Obscur Objet du Désir, Cas-Co Leuven (solo)
2016 BORG biennial, Antwerp (group)
2016 La Nuit de l’Instant, Marseille (group)
2016 Current Residents and associates, Greylight Projects (studio presentation)
2016 P(ART)cours, Woluwe parc / Brussels (group / public space)
2015 Festival Internacional de Arte Camuflado edición Madrid (group)
2015 Screening Dry Run a portrait of a studio, VideoPower, Maastricht (screening)
2015 Family Matters, De La Charge, Brussels (group)
2015 Welcome to the other side, Red Hook / Brooklyn / New York (public space)
2015 Dry Run, a portrait of a studio / broadcast on L1 television (screening)
2015 Plattenbau revised, TAC, Einhoven (collaboration)
2015 IMAGINATION RARELY ESCAPES ITS FIRST EDITION, Frans Masereel Centrum, Kasterlee (fair / group)
2014 Meet the Maker, Bureau Europa, Maastricht (presentation / talk)
2014 Dresden Public Art (group)
2014 Posset(s), Greylight Projects (group)
2014 What Remains, ZSenne art lab / Frans Masereel Centrum (solo)
2014 Welcome to the other side, commisioned by Schunck* Heerlen (public space)
2014 Residency, Frans Masereel Centrum (residency)
2014 Residency, Imal, brussel (residency)
2013 Acts of présence, Imal, Brussel (group)
2013 Popposition Off-fair, Brussel (group)
2013 Donkervonk, Hasselt, Belgium (group)
2012 Terms & Conditions, Leerling Meester project, Kunstpodium T, Tilburg (group)
2012 Secret Postcards, Maastricht (group)
2012 I have a story to tell you, Paradise Lost Festival, Brussels (collaboration)
2012 Almost Cinema Festival, Ghent (group)
2012 Modus Opperandi, Heerlen (public space)
2012 You are not here, Beelden op het Vrijthof, Maastricht (group)
2012 Die Vier, WELTECHO Gallery, Chemnitz (group)
2012 Contemporary Incidental / Accumulation of Particles IV, Lokaal 01, Breda (group)
2012 Contemporary Incidental / Accumulation of Particles III, Lokaal 01, Breda (group)
2012 Contemporary Incidental / Accumulation of Particles II, Lokaal 01, Breda (group)
2012 Sonic Masters (H)ear, Heerlen (group)
2012 Supermarket Stockholm (fair)
2012 Mobi.tmp NP3, Groningen (group)
2012 Re: Artfair, Rotterdam (fair)
2012 For Real program at the International Film Festival, Rotterdam (performance / public space)
2011 Nightlight at Greylight Projects, Hoensbroek (group)
2011 Allmost Cinema Festival, Ghent (group)
2011 The Garden, Makershuis, Den Bosch (residence / solo)
2011 Memory of a space at QO-2, Brussels (solo)
2011 TestLab at V2, Rotterdam (group)
2011 Reclaiming Public Space / Summercamp Electrified at Timelab,Ghent (residence & presentation)
2011 TransGradExhib, Transmedia exhibition, Brussels (group)
2011 Le Double, Brussels (group)
2011 Some Space Left exhibition, Brussels  (group)
2011 Plaats Delict, public space Heerlen (public space)
2011 Garage L’Olivier, Brussels (group)
2010 The anarchy of silence (John Cage), Schunck* ,Heerlen (group)
2010 Meeting Istanbul, Technical University Istanbul (group)
2010 Dreaming of a point at which parallel lines converge, Le Bras, Brussels (group)
2010 The Academy Strikes Back, Sint Lukas Gallery, Brussels (group)
2009 Passing Time, Schutterspark, Brunssum (group)
2009 Carte Blance, Roepean, Ottersum (group)
2009 Sifres, Greylight Projects, Hoensbroek (group)
2009 MeetFactory, Prague (residence & solo)
2008 What is art without you, HEDAH, Maastricht (solo)
2008 Panic Room, KuS, Heerlen (residence & solo)
2008 SkyBox, Amsterdam (solo)
2007 Supermarket Art Fair, Stockholm (fair)
2007 Hallefors, Sweden (residentie & solo)
2007 Eigen terein / Private territory, Onomatopee , Strijp S, Eindhoven. (group)
2007 LFTFLD art show, Amsterdam
2006 Wild beaming, Sign, Groningen (public space)
2006 We make you look, Gallery Life Bomb, Berlin (group)
2006 Berliner Kunstsalon, presentation P/////AKT, Berlijn. (fair)
2006 P/////AKT, Amsterdam (group)
2006 Terrortory, Muu Gallery, Helsinki (group)
2005 Loop of Sloop, Safe de Flat / AIM P///akt, Zwolle (group)
2005 Going Down, Art for Sail, Amsterdam (group/ public space)
2004 Bouw en Wow, Hengelo, kunstencentrum Hengelo (nl) (group)
2004 Kortsluiting, Arteffects, Arnhem (nl) (residentie)
2004 KI-OSK, Salon, Amsterdam(nl) (group)
2003 De klok IV, De Fabriek, Eindhoven (nl) (group)
2003 De klok III, De Fabriek, Eindhoven (nl) (group)
2003 De klok II, De Fabriek, Eindhoven (nl) (group)
2002 Hof van Heden, Bergen op Zoom (nl) (group/ public space)
2002 Duende, Galerie Germinahof, Sterksel (nl) (group/ public space)
2002 Out Now, Kunsthuis de Permanente, Groningen (nl) (group)
2002 Glimp, Expositieruimte “Haarlemmerstraat 10”, Amsterdam (nl) (collaboration)
2002 De een minuten / The 0ne minutes, Zwolle (nl) (screening)
2001 Project-space Gallery “Het Langhuis”, Zwolle (nl) (group)
2000 Gallery “ROEM”, Rotterdam (nl) (solo)
1999 Kunst Ruimte, Kampen (nl) (solo)

Education / residency
2018-2019 Re: Out of office reply, Netwerk, Aalst (be)
2014 Frans Masereel Centre, Kasterlee (be)
2009-2011 MA Transmedia, Sint-Lukas Brussel (be)
2009 Recidency MeetFactory Prague
2008 Residency Art Centre KuS, Heerlen (nl)
2001 Recidency Hallefords Sweden
1992-1998 BA Constantijn Huygens / Artez, Kampen (nl)

Talks / lectures:
2014 Meet the Maker, Bureau Europa, Maastricht (presentation / talk)
2013 Lecture at the ABKM Maastricht (nl)
2012 Artist panel-talk about art in public space at Schunck, Heerlen (nl)
2009 public interview by Bart Rutten at Hedah, Maastricht (nl)

Publications / articles:

2020 Wandering Art Bienal, Nadine vzw Brussels (catalog)
2019 Originalcopy—Post-digital Strategies of Appropriation, Franz Thalmair (catalog)
2017 Kunstlicht – Breaking the Frame: Subversion from Within (mention with image)
2016 Due to maintenance activities (publication / artist book)
2014 Opposite corners / publicatie  (artistbook)
2014 Somewhere / publicatie (artistbook)
2013 Poppositions blog / Ylenia Maitino
2012 Volksrant / Kevin Toma
2012 Metropolis (article)
2012 Disclaimer / Robert Voorbij (article)
2012 Review Weltecho by Matthias Zwarg (article)
2012 Temp Magazine / publicatie
2010 Tijdsverdrijf / catalog
2010 Ansicht exemplar / poster collectie
2010 Tablet Magazine
2009 Wednesday Meatloafday / catalogus
2008 Volkskrant, Anna van Leeuwen (article)
2008 Inkijk exemplaar / catalogus
2007 Eigen terein / Private territory, Onomatopee (catalog)
2007 LFTFL Magazine
2005 Loopje met de werkelijkheid, Wim van der Beek (article)
2004 Kortsluiting, Arteffects / catalogus
2004 Tablet Magazine
2004 Bouw en Wow / catalogus

Related activities:
2014 Curator exhibition Landslide, Kunstencentrum Signe
2013 Curator / initiator Greylight Projects, Brussels
2013 Work-field commision member, ABKM, Maastricht
2012 Jury-member Gilbert de Bontridderprijs, ABKM, Maastricht
2011 Curator exhibition Some Space Left, Brussels
2010 Curator exhibition Garage l’Olivier, Brussels
2009 Founder / curator Greylight Projects, Hoensbroek (NL)
2009 Curator, Wednesday Meatloaf day, Meet Factory, Prague
2001-2009 co-founder, curator and boardmember, P///AKT, Amsterdam (NL)