Untitled, 2003

Spatial video installation
location: De Fabriek, Eindhoven

β€œIn the darkened basement of the exhibition space De Fabriek (The Factory) in Eindhoven (nl) we encounter a setting of different video works presented on different monitors and one single projection on a screen standing on the floor, this all situated behind a fence that seem so be an open constructing from wood, painted dark grey.

At first we think we can not reach it cause of this fence which is blocking our path, so we can only look at the video works from behind this fence. But when we observe for a while and investigate the whole setting we find out that the fence doesn’t go from one wall to the other but stops halfway in the dark space. It operates as a border that divides the space in two parts, this side and the other side. As curious as we are we walk to the end to the fence to have a look behind it. First a peek and then questioning if we are allowed to walk through the setting of the video works. There is no line or sing that tells us, do not cross.

So, then step by step walking to the works to have a closer look. Some of the monitors are placed in this way that is we want to see what is presented on it, we have to walk to them. The back of the monitor is placed in the direction of the fence and even one of the screens is placed towards a wall so you have to get very close to get to know what video images are shown here. Once finding ourselves there, behind the fence, we became part of the setting, as other visitors entering the basement and looking through the fence, observing the setting and thus also observe us, as part of the setting. There is a difference between them and us, a difference that is marked by the fence.

Finding ourselves part of this we notice that there are different time-paths in the video works. Some are short loops of nearly ten seconds and in contrary of the video projected with a plain colored background gradually changing during a long time span. A huge white circle is in this background and every time we have a look again it seems to be on a different position in the screen, this movement is actually so slow that when we look at the screen for some moment we will not see it moving. Later on we will discover that the whole pathway of the circle takes at least three hours, which is the limitation of the VHS video tape used to play back the video.

After a while standing here we see other visitor come and go, all in their on past, some taking time also and others are gone quickly, we feel a resemblance in the tempo in the presence of the visitors and the variation of tempos in the video works. After standing and observing for a while we go back to the other side of the fence and to return back to the present.”



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