Memory of a space, 2011

This installation is a sound-work in which fragments of ten seconds are recorded and played back at random on four loudspeakers. This creates a multi layered composition with auditory memories of the space. As in contrast to the work ‘I am sitting in a room’ by Alvin Lucier, where a text is read out-loud and recorded, played back and recorded over and over, it is not the intention to deform the recorded sounds. In ‘I am sitting in a room’ the soundtrack changes every time when it is played back and recorded by the frequencies of the space and the equipment. In ‘Memory of a room’ a new narrative is constructed by sounds. Whereby the memory of the installation grows as there are more samples added to the library. In this way a characteristic soundscape of the space can be heard. A collection of typical sounds of that space, its surrounding and it visitors is gathered and placed in an new (randomly organised)way. This can be seen as an iconographic representation in sound.