Disclaimer (Botanique, Brussels), 2014

“By way of experiment would it certainly be interesting to interpret reality for a time as if it were a film, literary work or other creation. To analyze the deeper meaning of colors, names and attributes of the world around us. To examine their symbolic value. This is exactly what the work Disclaimer by the Belgian artist Wouter Huis invites us to. Currently on display as part of the program section For Real at the International Film Festival Rotterdam. In one of the streets of Rotterdam is a granite plaque installed containing the engraved text that you would normally expect at the end of a movie; The characters and events depicted in this spectacle are fictitious. Any similarity to actual persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.  It’s interesting that Wouter Huis with his Disclaimer makes a link between reality and fiction and simultaniously denies this. Does Huis hereby also wants to tell us that it’s at the first place reality that mimics film? Like some sort of a form follows fiction?”

source: Roberto Voorbij