Copy / Past, 2006

In the project of “Wild Beaming” (Gallery Sign, Groningen, NL) I recorded at day time several blocks in the city from out of a driving van. The captured video I projected at night time on the same location driving by the same route as we drove at daytime. This resulted in a time shift. The memory’s of the daytime appeared in projections on the closed shops and the walls.

For this project the actual city is the subject. The street scenes will be filmed from out of a van driving slowly through the city. In this van the camera is mounted on a tripod. The street and the facades of shops, offices and homes and people in the streets are captured. At night, these images are played back on the exact same location. The camera has been replaced by a video projector and the van drives the same route through the city. The afternoon is brought back in the projections onto the walls and closed store-windows.

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