Wouter Huis (Oosterbroek, the Netherlands; 1974) is a multimedia artist who currently lives and works in Heerlen.

In his works, Huis shifts the limits and scope of mental and architectural space, the borders of private and public space, the real and the fictive; and by doing so, he delves into the elusiveness of almost-invisible ‘random’ details, such as the ´touchy´ pairing of corners or the ambiguity of black matter. Huis creates minimal objects, interactive (video) installations, photographs and (performative) screenings, and he makes interventions in exhibitions and public spaces. He questions (un)conscious methods of categorizations, (re)presentations, projections, inversions, contradictions, coincidences and literality shifting by focussing on small and (so-called) objective changes in space. Huis has shown works internationally (Brussels, Amsterdam, Berlin, New York, Stockholm, Athens, Heerlen, etcetera).

As an extension to his practice, Huis founded Greylight Projects in Hoensbroek, the Netherlands, in 2009, which is a platform dedicated to the production and presentation of recent (visual) art projects. In 2013, Greylight Projects expanded with a branch in a former convent in Brussels where in addition to an exhibition space, a chapel for performances and eighteen studios are located. And since 2021, Greylight Projects is based in a former school building in Heerlen.